Sunday, July 04, 2010

Teaching Dog Obedience

Teaching Dog Obedience  
by Andrew

What dog obedience program is best for you and your dog?
When it comes to teaching your dog obedience, there are lots of programs out there. It could be hard to choose the best one for you and your dog. Finding the right program however, can be very rewarding. has compiled a hand picked list of the top 5 dog training programs to make your search for the right program easy.
Always make sure the program in which you choose does not teach through force. Positive reinforcement is key. Programs which give insight into the dog psychology are usually good choices. They work with the instincts of dogs in order to teach them obedience. Remember, dogs are pack animals. The goal is to get your dog to see you as pack leader.
Barking, biting or chewing can often times result from a lack of communication or miscommunication. If the lines of communication are not open, there is no way for your dog to know how what is expected of him or her. Be clear and consistent with what the boundaries are for your dog. There should be no question in your dogs mind what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.
Typically a behavior problem is following a trigger. A dog will not misbehave out of spite. There is a reason for the behavior. Recognizing these triggers can make correcting your dog much easier.
It is key to remember during the training process that creating a happy atmosphere will aid in the success of teaching your dog commands. This should be a rewarding and exciting experience for you and your dog.
As mentioned above, Teaching Dog Commands is a good place to start. There are many programs to choose from, but this site has narrowed it down to the top 5 dog training programs. These programs were hand picked and will have you teaching your dog obedience commands in no time!

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Searching for training programs to train your dog is difficult. It was hard to find which ones are right. I wanted to outline a few tips I found and recommend reading which tells about the top 5 programs to correct a disobedient dog in no time.